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Tîp: Bill Gratuity Calculator

Tîp - The Ultimate Tip Calculator Tîp is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to dine out but hates the hassle of calculating the check. With Tîp, you can easily split the bill among multiple people and select or add custom tip percentages. Say goodbye to awkward debates over who owes what – Tîp's intuitive design and lightning-fast calculations make it easy to split the check fairly and quickly. But that's not all – Tîp is also packed with features that make it stand out from other tip calculators on the market. Tîp lets you choose from a range of preset tip percentages and easily split the check among multiple people. Plus, with Tîp's sleek and modern design, you'll never be embarrassed to pull out your phone at the end of a meal. Tîp is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to enjoy a stress-free dining experience. So why wait? Download Tîp now and start enjoying hassle-free meals with friends and family. Features: - Calculate the total and tip. - Select or add percentages. - Split by multiple people. - Round up or down the total.​

Angry Butterfly

After decades of sad and rainy days in the forest, the sun finally came out and it is more annoying than ever. It's infuriating comments will make even the sweetest butterfly an Angry Butterfly. Angry Butterfly is the perfect game to brag to your friends about all the free time you have in your hands. Spend hours of annoying gameplay and prove to your friends your flying abilities by avoiding obstacles and screaming at your device with unnecessary swearing. Angry Butterfly lives up to its name by making players angry as they try to beat their own scores for self- satisfaction or just to make fun of others. Share your scores and become the master of the skies!

Task & Todo

Task & Todo is a simple to use tasks manager app that keeps you on track on messy times. Our simple, yet powerful interface will allow you to remember tasks like never before. Adding a big list of items was never easier, with our intuitive quick items adder you will be in track in no time. Do not know where or when an item is due? Not a problem, our calendar and map interfaces will allow to get what you want faster without wasting any time. Never get lost again trying to find an item, groups will help you organize your tasks into meaningful categories that make sense to you. Never again miss a todo or be later to an event with our reminder notification alarm that will show up when a task is due. Ever wanted to attach a picture to a task? Well, now you can. Our clear and intuitive design allows you too attach an image to any of the items you create.

Baby Tracker and Log - Newbies

Introducing Newbies, the ultimate baby tracker app designed by busy parents, for busy parents! As your little ones grow at an astonishing pace, keeping up with their development can be challenging. That's where Newbies comes in, offering a seamless and intuitive user interface to effortlessly track your baby's progress and milestones. **Key Features:** **Feeding Tracker** - Easily monitor your baby's intake, whether it's formula, water, or breastfeeding timing. **Diapers** - Log diaper details such as wetness, dirtiness, color, and texture to ensure your baby's well-being. **Sleep** - Record your baby's sleeping patterns, helping you understand and optimize their restful moments. **Temperature** - Stay informed about your baby's health by tracking temperature fluctuations and identifying fever episodes. **Height and Weight** - Keep up with your tiny miracle's growth journey by logging height and weight data. Visualize their development with easy-to-view charts. **Summary** - Get a comprehensive overview of your baby's data at a glance. Identify patterns and make informed decisions to enhance your baby's well-being. **Multiple Babies** - Have more than one little bundle of joy? Newbies has you covered with support for multiple kids. Newbies simplifies the baby-tracking process, ensuring you only focus on the information that matters most to you. Stay connected to your baby's growth journey effortlessly and make informed parenting decisions with Newbies – because your little one deserves the best care! Download now and embark on a stress-free parenting experience.

Stickers Dominicanos

Bring the Dominican in you to your conversations with best animated stickers around.